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Linux System Administration
     Linux system administration is a very broad topic, mainly because a system administrator's job seems to involve literally everything. This page will focus mainly on Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL 6, or CentOS Linux for the time being) but a lot of the information will hopefully be universal to Linux, and even other UNIX flavors in general.

     Additionally this page is for my students in CIS 126DL Linux Operating System-Multi-User, and CIS 226AL (Internet Servers, Linux Flavor) at Mesa Community College, Az.

CIS126DL Course Specific Links

CIS126DL Linux System Administration
MCC Setup Course Materials Reference Sites
Hot News! 10/9/2002
Installing to Removable Hard Drives (updated for Fall 2011)
Create a MCC Boot CDROM (updated for Spring 2008)
Fixing your Network in lab or at home
Fixing Xwindows
Fixing Linux after Bootup Errors
Printer Configuration
Updates you need to install and how to install them!
Instructors Schedule
Putty/SSH Help
Exam 1
Final Exam
CIS 126DL Syllabus
Lecture Overview
CIS126DL Assignments
CIS126DL Review Sheet
Grading Script for 126DL(Click on link, hit "reload" then "File" "save as" then make it x and edit the file to set the chkrootdir variable at the top)
Linux Resource Links
History of Unix (a great recent article in the Economist)
John Smith's Excellent
Chris Taylor's
UNIX is a 4 letter word
Quick Howto on Apache Configuration
An Online copy of Linux in a Nutshell
Linux Online "HowTo" and Documentation Files
Open Source Information
GNU Lots of software under GPL.
Freecode, Software source
RPM Finder
SourceForge, Software sources
Linux Security News
RedHat Specific Documentation
RedHat's Copy of the Linux Documentation Project
Slashdot Org (News and biased views)
Slashdot Linux Topics
List of Search Engines including my present favorite, Google
The Daily Static (A comic)
CIS226AL Linux Internet Server Admin
CIS226AL Specific Links
Spring 2012 Syllabus for CIS226AL
Basic Initial Linux Setup
General Refresher
Apache: Getting started
SELinux Help
Apache Section 2
CIS226AL Exam 1
Apache Section 3 (Security etc)
Sendmail Section 1
FTP, NTP servers (etc.)
MySQL Setup
Security Section 1
Encryption and GPG
Proxy Server
Security Section 2
Webscripting Vulnerability
CIS226AL Exam 2
Assignments List
Grade script for Spring 2011 Click on the link, go to "file save as" then switch to root and make the file executable and run it.
Final Concepts Review
Final Exam

  • Installation Issues
    • Hardware Requirements
    • Your system Requirements
    • Networking
  • Account Management
  • Backing up files, accounts, restoring files
  • Booting and Shutting Down the System
  • Configuration (/etc /etc/rc.d )
  • Core File Debugging
  • Installing Software, man pages
  • Kernel Configuration, recompiling
  • Login Scripts
  • Monitoring System Performance, logfiles
  • Networking
  • Printing
  • Process Management
  • Quota and Hard Drive maintenance
  • Scheduling and Automating tasks (inc. updatedb)
  • Scripts for administrative tasks
  • Security
  • Server Installation, start/stop, configuration
    Apache: Getting Started
    Apache: Week 2
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(Note: Extreme thanks to Bryan Feir of CRESTech in Ontario Canada. Without his willingness to spend 10 hours online walking me through the rebuild of the initrd.img files on BOTH the Redhat Install and Boot disks, we would not have been able to install to the Jazz cartridges and the course would have been dead long before we were able to purchase removable HD bays. Thank you again.)