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General UNIX/Linux Refresher
[Linux System Administration Homepage]
  1. refresh your UNIX/Linux Skills
  2. understand how to start/stop servers
  3. edit run levels so apache starts up at boot
  4. setup a dummy domain name and test
  5. locate information resources
Files/directories covered:
  • /etc/hosts
  • /etc (files: hosts inittab passwd group)
  • /etc/rc.d/init.d/
  • /etc/rc.d (subdirectories rc3.d along with rc0.d to rc6.d)
  • /var/log (files: messages)
  • pico and vi/vim
  • firefox
  • /sbin/chkconfig --level 3 servername off
  • /sbin/chkconfig --level 3 servername on
  • Using some of the GUI tools as well
  • mkbootdisk
  • su -
  • yum
  • What does /etc/hosts do?
  • Why do you need to set up /etc/hosts each time you come to class?
  • If you switch rooms, can you change your default printer? How?
  • How do you change to the root user? What does the - do after su?
  • How can you change what service is running in what run level? There is both a GUI and command line method, what are they?
  • Why should these services usually be shutdown?
In class I kind of wandered around as I tried to "trouble shoot" or figure out why the various options were not working. Keep that in mind as you work through these exercises. Don't just "follow the steps" but try to understand WHAT and WHY we are doing them.

NOTE: for most of this, you will need to su to root in order to have the proper permissions. And before you do any of these, make sure you have done the Basic Setup

  1. go to etc hosts and add a line
    192.168.xx.xxx fakename.com
    (Fill in xx.xxx with your present IP address, and what you type for fakename.com is up to you)
  2. Start up netscape, first load up 192.168.xx.xxx, then fakename.com (which mysteriously won't work yet) to make sure you can contact your web server
  3. Go to /var/www/html and edit the index.html file to make a homepage for your system
  1. Check out the topics on CIS126DA Lecture Overviews, especially how to find information!
  2. Using netscape or mozilla, go to file, open web location
    • type
    • Then in netscape click on bookmarks
    • Slide to "file bookmarks"
    • And put it in your personal toolbar folder
    • You can also check for web pages on many other programs/topics by going to "file" "open file" and browsing through /usr/share and /usr/share/doc (Try to find the main page for ImageMagick for example)
    • A big one is usr/share/doc/httpd-2.0.40/migration.html
  3. Apache 1.3 Online Documents
  4. Apache 2.2 Online Documents This page last updated on: