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CIS126DL Linux Assignments
Lecture Overview Index | Linux SysAdmin Homepage

  1. Set multi-user.target as the default run level
  2. Add a .xinitrc to your users home directory and put exec startkde inside it.
  3. create /etc/sysconfig/deskop and put the line DESKTOP=KDE inside
  4. install httpd and enable it
  5. Add the EPEL repository
  6. Install ALL updates (yum update)
  7. Create .gitignore file in /etc
  8. Install etckeeper and do etckeeper init
  9. Set up the bare git repo in /root and the hooks in /etc
  10. Disable bluetooth.service
  11. The User/Group Account creation/management assignment (40pts)
  12. OPTIONAL: Install alpine (part of epel repo) move the pico program to pico.orig, create a new file called pico, put pico.orig -z $1 $2 inside (Go to network page on syllabus)(5pts extra credit)
  13. Setup one printer (10pts) (for laptop users you will need to make a note for the grading script)
  14. Set up a crontab file for root
  15. Install RKhunter, edit the rkhunter.conf and run it (10pts)
  16. edit the sshd_config file, move the old keys to /root and then restart sshd
  17. Install portsentry (remember to remove the # from the line talking about iptables before compiling) (check out lecture overview week 7)
  18. Put in the portsentry.service file and use systemctl to enable it
  19. Install Keepassx2 (10pts)
  20. Install jwhois,logwatch,htop
  21. Use git to clone the https://github.com/linuxphilw/dotfiles and run the scripts
  22. Make sure that "PermitRootLogin no" is set in /etc/ssh/sshd_config (5pts)
  23. Have the writediary program working (store in your users bin directory(that you have to create)(10pts)
  24. Total points for this will be 250
  25. Your newuser script will be worth 60 pts. (not always assigned due to time constraints)