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Creating a MCC Boot CDROM

For those folks how know how to burn an iso image into a CD, you can go to centos51firstboot.iso and download the file and make your own bootable CD. If you have done all the updates, you now need to use centos51_febboot.iso

With something like Roxio CD creator, go to "File" then "create CD from image". You don't want to just burn the file to disk, (ie if you can actually SEE a file called wblboot.iso on the disk, something went horribly wrong) this is a CD IMAGE, not just a file to be burnt.

IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BURN YOUR OWN CD! Ask me and I can burn them.


Just put the CDROM into the tray, then power down windows. Slide in your HD caddie, turn the key, and turn the power back on, should boot up VERY quickly.

If you have updated the kernel

BEFORE you reboot, run the following commands
su to root
cd /boot
mkbootdisk --device /root/centosboot.iso --iso 2.6.xxxxxxxx
Where the xxxx is the most recent kernel version that you can see inside the /boot directory when you run ls including any letters at the end

If you have installed and need a boot image so you can boot up at all

You will need to put in the CentOS Install disk, type "linux rescue" at the boot: prompt, and then it will tell you how to "chroot" to your installation, usually something like chroot /mnt/system/ at which point you can now run the mkbootdisk command above, then save to usb or sftp the file somewhere else.

Now, when you are done, copy that centosboot.iso to a flash drive, use it to burn a new CDROM Boot Disk (unless you have your system set up to burn CDs, in which case burn it right then)

Now boot up the system with the new bootdisk, and remember to RERUN the NVIDIA script to update your video driver for the new kernel, and enjoy your faster, and for now, more secure system.

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