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CIS226AL Internet Server/Linux Assignments
  1. Use chkconfig or the services GUI to remove the following services from run level 3
  2. Use yum update (the update agent) to update all files you have installed, make sure to use centosplus to update mysql, php and apache, the php-mysqli, php-gd, php-mcrypt options
  3. Setup both printers (10pts)
  4. Add httpd to runlevel 3
  5. For apache
    • put two "fake names" in /etc/hosts file
    • Use one fake name for the Servername in httpd.conf
    • Setup the "Document /var/www/html" section in httpd.conf
    • Setup the virtual hosts in httpd.conf
    • Setup at least one SSL server in httpd.conf making sure it has it's own directory and homepage
    • Configure the home users to have www as their home directory, and put a file in there to test it (index.html)
    • uncomment the missing.html line in httpd.conf
    • uncomment the referrer_log and agent_log lines in httpd.conf
    • create an index.html, missing.html, a cgi and php file in /var/www/html
    • Have one directory controlled by a password login
    • Setup logrotate to rotate the logs for your virtual host
    • Configure at least one virtual host to block image bandwidth stealing.
  6. Turn on vsftpd and add to runlevel 3
    • add a .message file into /var/ftp/pub
    • Move at least one file into /var/ftp/pub
  7. Install MySQL
  8. Configure Sendmail
    • edit alias file (and update it) so some other user gets "root" email
    • edit sendmail.cw (and convert it to sendmail.cf)
  9. Turn on imaps via xinetd.d
  10. Install and configure ntpd
  11. use the tripwire install script (twinstall.sh) and then initialize tripwire (tripwire --init but you need to know the path to tripwire)
  12. Install Snort
  13. Install portsentry (remember to remove the # from the line talking about ipchains before compiling)
  14. Add in the portsentryd script to the /etc/rc.d/init.d directory and then have portsentryd added to run level 3
  15. Make sure to add to portsentry.ignore
  16. Install Chkrootkit
  17. Configure an iptables firewall (say with levy.pl or firestarter)
  18. Use gpg to create s/p keys, import students keys, send encrypted files to a friend (20 pts)
  19. The above assignments point value will be doubled. (Worth 220)
  20. Install nmap, nmapfe
    • scan yourself and a friend with both nmap and saint without a firewall
    • scan yourself and a friend with both nmap and saint WITH a firewall (make sure the person being scanned has turned portsenty OFF)
    • Turn in the printouts of the scans for 50pts
  21. Install Nessus and the nessus client. Attack yourself, and then a friend. 30pts, class participation
Final Grade Totals
Exam 1	       100pts
Exam 2	       100pts
Assignments    220pts
Scanning 	80pts
Final Exam     100pts
Total	       600pts