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CIS126DL Exam Instructions and Rules
Ok, you feel that you're ready for the exam. That's wonderful, however, for this exam to be effective, we have some rules that you have to agree to.
  • You WILL NOT forward the exam you get to anyone other than the instructor.
  • You WILL NOT show any student a copy of your exam.
  • You WILL NOT ask for any help from any human, animal or alien during the exam.
  • You WILL NOT discuss the exam with any student.
  • Any evidence that the above rules are being violated and we will switch to an in class exam with no exceptions.
  • You are on your honor here, and I expect you to act like responsible, honest people. You do get a chance to retake the exam if you don't pass it the first time, so I expect you to be honest.
  • NOTE: If you take this from home, you run your own risk. Short of showing me a photo of the smoking crater where your house used to be in the Arizona Republic, I will not accept any excuses about "My ISP went bad, that's why I was late". Period. END OF STORY. Now, if you take the exam when I'm around in BA3E at school, you can call one of the supervisors over, and they can write a note to me if it is equipment failure.
  • NOTE 2: No claiming "Whoops, I didn't MEAN to start the exam". When you click on "Take the exam NOW" there is NO TURNING BACK. It is automated, it is on it's way, you have 60 minutes from the moment you click that button. NO EXCUSES. If you don't want to start the exam, DON'T click that button.
Do you understand and agree to these rules?

Yes I do   *|*   No. I'll Study some more