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Phil Waclawski's Class Specific Information

  • Spring 2012 Syllabus
  • Instructors Schedule
  • Main Internet Page
  • Email instructor signature using signature file properly
  • Email Instructor attached image (small size, do NOT use insert)
  • Create an Address book for the class and save it to disk
  • Use www.google.com or related site to search for two fun links and two internet related links
  • Email class with 2 fun links (paste links, do not attach)
  • Email Class with 2 links about the internet
  • Tutorial 4 Quiz
    1. Searching for the EXACT SAME THING:
      • 6 different search engines, and print out the first page of results for each
      • 1 yahoo index search, and print out the first page of results for each
      • Staple them together, and turn in the 7 pages with your name on the top.
    2. GOOGLE WHACK- using two words, get only "1" hit on google. 0 hits doesn't work. If you can't get a true google whack, at least get the number of hits below 100.
  • Tutorial 5/6 "QUIZ"
    • Create a simple text/word document
    • Find or create a simple image
    • Zip those two files into one .zip archive
    • Email that .zip file to your instructor as an attachment
    • NOTE: The school no longer creates web directories for new students, only existing students still have them, so until I create you an account on lampbusters.com you will not be able to do the filezilla part, so just email it to me for now
  • Tutorial 7/8 "Quiz"
  • Tutorial 9/10 "Quiz"

Web Page Assignments

  1. Do your first index page with notepad
  2. Use the Basic XTHMLtemplate to make sure your page validates
  3. And you can download Filezilla to upload your work.
  4. And for vi help and putty, check out the Cheat Sheet
  5. Visibone Colorlab
  6. And you can also try out Jedit for a nice HTML editor
  7. Resume page
    • Create a page called "resume.html"
    • At the top, using headers and centered, put a name, address and eventually a photo
    • Using bold and underline, put in the following categories
      • Goals
      • Education
      • Work History
      • Training and Certification
      • Hobbies
      • References
    • And somewhere on the resume page you must use
      • Ordered List
      • Unordered List
      • Header
      • Paragraph
      • horizontal rule
      • Link back to your index.html page
      • An image centered at the top
  8. Table page
    • 9 or more cells
    • use both <th> and <td> to make cells
    • use at least a rowspan or a colspan properly
    • Use a background color for table, row or cell
    • use cellpadding or cellspacing
  9. Final Web Page Site

    • NOTE: Points will be taken off for ANY use of the <center> tag, and excessive use of the <font> tag.
    • A total of 8 pages (counting index.html, and also your resume.html or table.html)
    • Home page (index.html) needs
      • mailto: In future, use a contact webscript page.
      • Links to all your pages, including resume,table
      • graphics
    • Links page (15 links on a topic, must be outside links)
    • Form Page that uses
      • method="get" and action=""
      • text box and password boxes
      • One set of radio buttons
      • Set of check boxes
      • One select (pull down menu)
      • reset and submit buttons
      • Must be clearly labelled
    • A page that uses a STYLESHEET!
      • you can call the page css.html
      • the style sheet can be mystyle.css (or whatever, only the .css ending is important)
      • Other than "alt=" NO options can be specified in the html page other than in the DTD and html/meta tags in the head.
      • use at least 4 tags for formatting (h1-h6, p, ul,ol)
      • Use at least one class (say a p and p.whatever)
      • Use one "div"
      • Set at least a different text color and background color for the different elements
      • try out a border-style and a border-color, they're fun
    • A page that does layout using a table.
    • 1 or more pages that are up to you, should try to fit into a central theme
      • a table
      • A "clickable image"
      • an ftp:// link (can use felitaur.com)
      • The three types of lists (ol, ul, dl)
      • Use some font "styles" (font-family: etc)
      • All images have the alt=" " option set
      • Remember, if you already did these on resume.html or table.html does not count.
    • All pages must validate and have included the following
      <a href="http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=referer"><img src="valid-xhtml10.png" alt="W3C Button to test XHTML validation" /></a>
      And copy this image
    • Present your site for 20pts (Gives a total of 200pts for final project)
      NOTE: You must be present for the presentations to get your 20pts