Tutorial 9 and 10, CIS133DA

Instructor: Phil Waclawski
Spring 2009

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Tutorial 9 Questions

  1. Public key encryption is one of the more popular forms of encryption used today. explain the purpose/uses of

    1. Public Key

    2. Private Key

    3. certificates for authentication

  2. Why is there so many disagreements about using strong (128 bit or better) encryption? Find an URL for a government site that explains the present restrictions on exporting strong encryption, paste it here.

  3. Explain some of the potential security issues with Cookies?

  4. What is a firewall? If you have a hardware firewall, is it always safer than a software firewall? Give an example of a software firewall for windows.

  5. Search the web for examples of the following attacks, and try to explain what they are:

    1. DDOS (distributed denial of service attack)

    2. trojan horse

    3. Spyware/web bugs

    4. phishing

  6. What are plugins? Why are they handy? Give one example of a plugin. How are they different from browser "extensions" (such as Video Downloader for Firefox)

Tutorial 10 Questions

  1. Define a "web portal". Give an example (URL) of a web portal you like. What are some problems with the "web portal" model for websites?

  2. List four things you can do at a "web portal".

  3. What are some things that can be done to make a web based business successful? Can you give examples of successful sites (URLS)?

  4. Give three things that are issues (ie possible problems) when dealing with electronic commerce.