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Filezilla FTP Help

FTP (file transfer protocol) software is used to transfer a copy of your files from your computer to a remote computer. This is mainly used to transfer files onto a web server so that folks can SEE your files. So if you need to upload a picture, flash, mp3 or html file, Filezilla is a great open source program for you.
To Install!

  1. Go to Filezilla
  2. Under "Quick Download Links" click "download filezilla client"
  3. Click the top one under Windows and it will start to download
  4. You can either save it to disk and double click on it to start it, or let your browser run it and install it, your choice

After Installation!
  1. Assuming filezilla is installed, go to "start" "Programs" "filezilla" to start Filezilla
  2. Then click on "File" and then "Site Manager" from the pull down menu
  3. The window on the left is the new version, the one on the right is the old one.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The images still show "lampbusters.com" but we now use nbtl.mesacc.edu

Filezilla Site Manager Window New Version Filezilla Site Manager Window
  1. For the server that our class uses, click on the [New Site] button at the bottom of the window, give the link that shows up in the left side a name and hit enter (Lampbusters or whatever)
  2. Host:nbtl.mesacc.edu
  3. Servertype: Choose SFTP- SSH File Transfer Protocol
  4. Logontype:Click the "normal" button for the new version, Choose "Ask for Passwd" for the old one
  5. User: Put in your username
  6. Click on Connect at the bottom of the site manager window. When the alert window prompts you,
    Filezilla password screen type your password
  7. A new window will open and hopefully you will connect.
    Main Filezilla Screen
  8. The window to the right (Labeled Remote Site:) should have a few odd files, and a public_html folder
  9. MAKE SURE you double click on the public_html folder to open it, and you should see any of the files you already have on my server. This is where you MUST put your files if you want them to be visible on the web.
  10. The files located on the left hand side of the window(labelled Local Site:) are on YOUR computer. If you want them to be visible on the web, you must copy them to the right hand side of the window.
  11. To transfer your files over to the public_html folder, first choose the E: drive (or whatever drive your files are on)
    The image below shows everything ready to transfer over the filezilla003.png file from your E: drive (mine is called Kingston) to the public_html directory for the user zhora. Filezilla ready to transfer
  12. Then, if you double click on a file on the right side, you transfer a copy of it to the left side (And the reverse works too).
  13. Additional Filezilla Features
    • Very first time
      • Open up a new page in an editor (notepad, jedit etc)
      • Copy the from the opening <html> to the closing </html> from Basic HTML 5 page
      • Paste it into your empty notepad++ document
      • Save it it first as template.html
      • Then save it as index.html which is what your homepage absolutely MUST be named to be a homepage on nbtl.mesacc.edu
      • REMEMBER: Spaces in filenames are evil! ;) and keep your filenames simple
      • NOTE: For every new page you create, make SURE to update the URL for the validator link!
    • All other times:
    • Open your file in notepad++ (or whatever editor you use, just NOT notepad nor wordpad) (Remember, you have to change "Files of Type" to "All Files" or only .txt files show up.)
    • If you are making a new file, open template.html, and "save as" and give it the newname.html
    • You will have to fix the URL inside the validator link for that to work (should be the same as what shows up in your browser when you go to the page
    • As you make changes, do "File Save" in notepad++
    • Then upload file in Filezilla
    • Then hit reload in your browser, (or type https://nbtl.mesacc.edu/username/ or https://nbtl.mesacc.edu/username/filename.html the first time
    • Every time you make a change, save, upload, reload
    • If you add a new file, you need to hit the "Refresh" button in Filezilla for it to show up
      Filezilla Refresh Button
    • Rinse, repeat enjoy!