Tutorial 7 and 8, CIS133DA

Instructor: Phil Waclawski
Spring 2009

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Tutorial 7 Questions

  1. Listserv, listproc and majordomo are all examples of what type of software? Do they require a list administrator to approve new users?

  2. What privacy issues are involved with posting to a mailing/discussion group?

  3. For a listserv style mailing list, there are two email addresses that are important. Say that the listserv is at listserv@felitaur.com and the group you want to join is a-students, give me the second email address, and then tell me what you do with each address.

  4. How is Usenet Newsgroup different than a mailing list? Why is it technically wrong to say that you "subscribed" to a newsgroup?

  5. What is meant by saying that newsgroups are set up as a "hierarchy"? Say that you want to talk about linux, and you know that there is a comp. hierarchy, what would be the full "path" be if you want to talk about the os (operating system) linux? And is that group further subdivided?

  6. Do you have to have a dedicated newsreader to read newsgroups? If not, give me an address of where else you can access them.
Tutorial 8 Questions

  1. What is IRC? Why can it be useful?

  2. Can you name two other ways to do text based chat on the internet?

  3. How is web chat different?

  4. In the classic MUD/Moo/Muck etc. design, you can create virtual worlds, with "rooms" that folks can chat/etc., but everything you see/hear is just what? Compare this to something like a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, such as World of Warcrackcraft)