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Using UNIX and PICO to Make Web Pages


Introduction Using UNIX Using Pico
Advantages Getting Started Starting Pico
Disadvantages Basic Commands Cutting and Pasting
Connecting by Telnet Other things you can try Spell Checking
A quick start Cheat Sheet for doing web pages on mcunix.

     Using UNIX and PICO to create web pages does take some practice, but it is quite possible for the worst "mouse addict" to learn it. The advantages of this method include

  • You create your web page directly on the web server
  • You can make changes and view them on the web immediately (just switch windows between telnet and your browser)
  • You can work on your pages ANYWHERE that has the ability to telnet
  • You can do nearly ANYTHING with plain HTML that you can do with a web editor
  • Anyhow, your ISP (Internet Service provider) usually runs on UNIX, so you need to understand how it works
  • You can wow people by saying, "Yeah, I use UNIX to make my web pages."
So, this is why all of the pages on Felitaur Enterprises have been created this way, but not everyone loves plain HTML and UNIX as much as I do. And there are some disadvantages, depending on how you look at it.
  • You have to be able to deal with command lines and that evil UNIX stuff (really not that bad)
  • Web Editors are faster (especially for the basic layout)
  • I can't use my mouse (mouse addicts again ;)
  • I can't cut and paste (not true, will show you later on this page)
  • I have to FTP my graphic files separately (true, but again not bad)