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Recommended Software
  • Putty, an excellent SSH client. When you get to the site choose "Downloads" and then choose the top "Putty.exe" and save to disk. For use of putty, check out my Mcunix Cheat Sheet
  • WS_FTP LE A good FTP or file transfer protocol program. And I also have a page of FTP Help for ws_ftp.
  • Mapedit A very affordable ($10) shareware tool for generating Image Maps
  • Gimp (The Gnu Image Manipulation Program is basically a free program that is similar to photoshop. There is a Gimp for Windows. Go to the site, and download the following files
    1. gtk+ 2
    2. gimp 2.0.5 or newer
    3. gimp help 2, and if you want, the gimp animation packages
    4. Then unzip them using something like winzip
    5. Go into the folder where you put the files, and double click on them (they are now .exe files) in the order above, making sure that gtk+ is installed before the main gimp package.
    6. Note: During installation the program will ask if you want to reset your file associations, say NO, otherwise Gimp will take over all graphics files associations. If so, right click on the different image types (.gif .jpg .png etc.) and click on "properties" then "opens with" and choose the graphics program you wish to be the default for that image.
    7. Then check out my Gimp Help page.
  • Jedit A cool HTML, perl, javascript etc. text editor
  • Open Office A great alternative to MS Office that is both free, and cross platform (Windows, Linux, OSX, Sparc) You will need to download and install the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) first. not a big deal. Does a great job of opening MS Office documents.
  • Winzip is a utility for zipping and "unzipping" groups of files into one file or vice versa. You can download the free evaluation version.
  • Paintshop Pro is another good graphics editing program. You can go to "Free Downloads" in the menu and get a trial version, the full version is about $100 (less if you buy it at Fry's Electronics), which is a lot more affordable than Adobe Photoshop.
  • Zone Alarm is a nice firewall program for windows, which is not the same thing as anti-virus software. They also have a Free Version
  • Real Player
  • Macromedia Flash/Shockwave