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Email Account
Creating New Accounts
Assuming you don't already have an account using this system, go to https://www.mc.maricopa.edu/apps/mymcc/CreateAccount.jsp which has an automated email set up.

Your username needs to be original (no one else has it). If you get that error (ie username is already in use) just click the "BACK" button in netscape and change it.
Logging into Account
If you just created your account (above) you have to wait for 5 to 20 minutes. If you already created account (and you can only have one) you need to always log into it in the following manner:
  1. NEVER use the "start" button
    (AT HOME you can use http://mail.mc.maricopa.edu:8080 or
    Go to http://www.mc.maricopa.edu/~abradshaw/studentmail/netscape/usersetup.htm to set up your roaming profile at home (Note you may need to click on the "instructions" link for manual setup, but hopefully not).
  2. ALWAYS doubclick on the "Netscape Email" Icon on the win 95 desktop
  3. Wait for it to pop up the "guest login" and type your username and password (note, use TAB or the Mouse to switch fields, don't hit return as this will try to log you in WITHOUT the password)
  4. Click on Login and wait
How to Start Email
Using email on the system isn't too hard, but I'll give you some basic steps to follow (realize, there is more than one way to do this)
  1. To Start up Email (assuming you have logged into netscape) you can either do
    • Click on the little "inbox" in the lower right hand corner of the netscape window (hard to see, has a yellow arrow next to it) OR...
    • Click on "Communicator" (at the top of the netscape screen) and then "Messenger"
  2. Read any messages you want in the upper right window by clicking on them (they'll show up in the window below)
  3. TO SEND A MESSAGE...Click on "new message" in the upper left hand corner
  4. A "composition" window will pop up
  5. There will be a set of blanks, the first one will start with To:
  6. You can type any valid email address in this window OR..
  7. If you have your "Address book" set up...
    • Click on "Address"
    • Click on the persons name
    • Click on "To:" or "CC:" or "BCC:"
    • Click "OK"
  8. Next, type a subject in the subject window (something short but descriptive, for example "Assignment 2" "I missed class" or "HELP ME!"
  9. Now type your message in the big white area at the bottom of the "Composition" window
  10. When done, click on the "Send" button
  11. A warning screen may popup, for the class just click ok, for a friend, check "Send in plain text only" unless you know their email software can handle HTML in email.
  12. The system also asks for your password again.
Special Functions
Address Book
Address Books are very useful, and (when it's working) the Netscape Email system here at MCC saves your address book (just a list of email addresses) and pulls them up whenever/wherever you log in on campus. To set one up:
  1. On the top menu bar of Netscape click on "Communicator"
  2. Then select "Address Book"
  3. Click on "New Card"
  4. Fill in First Name of the person you want to add
  5. Fill in Last Name (or you can leave one of them blank, but you need at least one filled in)
  6. Fill in the EXACT email adress
  7. Click "OK"
  8. Repeat as necessary
    • Right click on the name you need to fix
    • Click on "properties"
    • Change what you want
    • Click OK
  10. Click OK to exit address book
  11. To use it, just click on "Address" in the COMPOSITION window that pops up when you start a "New Message" from your INBOX. (see above)
    • Instead of clicking on "new card" click on "new list"
    • Give the list some name to remember it by
    • Click and drag the window in the blue bar so you can see your other addresses
    • Click and drag over the email addresses you want to add to your new list.
  13. NOTE!!! Make sure to go to "file" "export" and save your address book file. Our roaming profile system often chokes when you edit your address book. If you are going to save BOOKMARKS, do your bookmark work, exit netscape entirely (so the roaming profile system saves them), THEN log back into netscape email and do address book work, so you don't lose all your bookmark work.
Bookmark File
Bookmarks (called favorites by MS Internet Explorer) are as handy for web pages as an address book is for email. You can organize them, and create "folders" and then, when you go to add new bookmarks, you can drop them into the appropriate folder.
  • Creating Bookmark "folders"
    1. Click on "bookmarks" in the netscape menu
    2. Then "edit bookmarks"
    3. In the bookmarks window that pops up, click "file" "new folder" and give it a name.
    4. click and drag folders into folders as you wish
    5. Then click and drag your bookmarks into the proper folder.
  • Filing Bookmarks in the proper folder
    1. Once you are all done organizing your folders, you can close the "bookmark" editing window
    2. Now, instead of using "Bookmarks" "Add Bookmark"
    3. You can slide to "file bookmarks" instead and slip the bookmark directly into the "folder" of your choice
  • Saving Bookmarks
    1. Go to "bookmarks" "edit bookmarks"
    2. Click on "file" "save as"
    3. change the drive to the 3-1/2" A: drive
    4. And save
    5. Do not IMPORT bookmarks unless you have lost them, as this will make your bookmark file very messy (it will just dump a complete copy of your bookmark file into your present bookmarks)
Signature Files
Signature files are a way of adding a rubber stamp at the end of each email, and personalizing your mail. If you wish to send one, BEFORE you start up a "New Message" you need to do the steps in the second part of Signature File Help
Attaching Files
First off, ONLY attach files. Attaching web pages is nasty/evil/bad. :) When in the "COMPOSITION" window that pops up after clicking on "NEW MESSAGE" in your INBOX
  1. Click on "Attach"
  2. Click on "File"
  3. In the box that pops up, change "Look in:" to the 3 and 1/2 Floppy (A:) drive
  4. Select the file you want (keep it small)
  5. Click ok and continue your email
  6. NOTE the attachment will NOT show up for you in the message (just on the "attachment" tab), but WILL show up for the person who receives it.
Proper way to send a web page
As I said, NEVER send a web page as an attachment, very very rude. However, if you do find a cool site, you can type out the FULL location (URL) such as http://www.felitaur.com/internet.html and NOTE that it will not turn blue and clickable UNTIL your friend receives it OR...
  1. Switch from your message to the Netscape Navigator (web browser) window
  2. In the "Location:" bar, right click in the middle of the address (this assumes you have the page you want to share loaded)
  3. Click on "copy"
  4. Switch back to your "Composition" window
  5. Right Click on a blank line in your message
  6. Click on "paste"
News/Discussion Groups