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Signature Files
        Signature files are a way of personalizing your email. Many people include their email address or webpage address, so that they never forget to include it manually. Some basic rules of good behavior are to keep the signature file short (4 lines is the "rule", longer than that can get you flamed) and to start it with a -- , which cuts off your signature file for some old systems that have limited bandwidth. Some people even include short bits of ASCII Art in their signature files. Be creative.

        Here is a short tutorial on how to set up your "sig file" for netscape on windows 95 in our student computer room.

First, create the text file

  1. One way to do it is to go the the "start" button
  2. Go to "Programs"
  3. Go to "Accessories"
  4. Click on "Notepad"
  5. Then type something like this.
    Phil Waclawski Internet Instructor
    WWW  http://mcunix.mc.maricopa.edu/~pwaclaws
  6. The two leading -- let some mail/news servers know they can cut the rest off as it's just a signature. NOTE: Because of this, never put -- anywhere in the body of your normal text.
  7. Now Click on File
  8. Then "Save As"
  9. Make sure you save it on your A disk (choose location)
    (NOTE: At home, you would save it most likely in C:\program_files\netscape\)
  10. File name should be something like "signature" or "Sigfile"
  11. Now close Notepad, you shouldn't need it ever again.

To use your signature file In Communicator

  1. You will have to do this every time you start up Netscape with your student disk AND you must do this BEFORE you start a "New Message"
    (At home, you would do this only once)
  2. Click on "Edit"
  3. Click on "Preferences"
  4. Click on the plus sign by "Mail and News" if "Identity" isn't visible
  5. Click on "Identity"
  6. Down where it says "Signature File" Click on "Choose"
  7. Where it says look in click on the arrow and select Drive A:
  8. Click on the name of your signature file
  9. Click open
  10. Click OK
  11. Your signature file will now be included for both Mail and News UNTIL you shut down netscape. You will have to set this up EACH time you start up Netscape with your Student Disk. (NOTE: Again, at home, you'd only have to do this once ever.)