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July 5, 2005!
I am in the process of finally updating this site. To see what it MIGHT look like check out the New Site Template and for photos of some more of my work check out ftp://felitaur.com/pub/images/crafts/ and Newer Craft Pictures. It has a much more complete set of my work. OH, and I now can accept credit cards via PayPal

I have a friend who does some of the most wonderful beaded dragons at Mistwalker. We will both be at Further Confusion this January.

          For the past five years, I've been learning various techniques for making Chain & Silver Jewelry and Custom Tooled Leather pieces.
Additionally, I have been taking a large array of classes from the Mesa Arts Center including:

beginning jewelry
advanced jewelry design
lapidary (cutting and polishing stones)
knife making
chain making
metal box making/decorating
Chasing and Repousse
Cold Connections
copper etching
lost wax casting

basic welding for sculpture(Mesa Community College)
Intermediate Wooden Bowl Turning(Tucson Woodcraft with Wally Dickerson)
Silk Painting

The following are some examples of the custom crafts I can make for you. If you don't see something you'd like, email me, or phone me at (480) 964-7111. Mail order work readily accepted.

List of Products Available
(so far, more pictures will be added weekly to those below as new products are made)
Custom Chain Jewelry
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Key Chains
  • Candle/Plant Hangers
  • Chain Maille
  • Juggling Cubes
  • Fantasy Designs also
Custom Leatherwork Designs
  • Tooled Designs (Celtic, Western etc.)
  • Knife and sword sheaths
  • Saddle Bags
  • Leather Tooled Book Covers
  • Arm Guards
  • Wallets
  • Day Planners
  • Sunglass Cases

Chain Jewelry and other Items

          Unless otherwise noted, all silver looking metal here is actually stainless steel. I can do these designs in stainless steel, brass, silicon bronze and copper. If you want sterling silver or gold, you will have to prepay for materials. Sizes can be adjusted a great deal, so feel free to ask. Complete Chain maille shirts and cowls can also be ordered, but take a couple of months to complete.

Chain Styles
Click on picture to get a larger view.
Boxchain Etruscan Box Tubular Box Linked Chain Chain Daisy
Serpent Chain Small Serpent Chain Large Spiral Chain 1 Spiral Chain 2 Bracelet 1
Box Chain Small Box Necklace Torq 1 Torq 2 4 in 1
Chain Maille
6 in 1
Chain Maille
Candle Hanger Earring 1 Earring 2
Only 1.25" long
Earring 3
Tiny Cube Chain Collar Earrings 4 Torq 3 Silver Spiral Bracelet
Daisy Choker Daisy Choker

Leather Work Items

          Custom leather crafts can be made to your order. Many different items can be made and hand tooled, with the present exception of cowboy boots and saddles.

Custom Leatherwork
Click on picture to get a larger view.
Celtic Gauntlet Ferret Design Leg Scabbard Spiked Collar

Knife Sheath Knife Sheath Name Tag