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Command Line UNIX
Lecture Overview Index | Linux SysAdmin Homepage
Goals for this Topic:
  • Understand the structure of the UNIX command line
  • Explain the four basic parts of an Operating System
  • Be able to define the Shell and it's purpose
  • Learn some basic commands
  • Command Line editing, history and TAB completion
The following programs/files/directories will be discussed for this topic:
  • passwd
  • date
  • who
  • who am i
  • exit
  • history
  • ! (bang operator)
  • ^c
  • ^d
  • ^l
  • What is an operating system?
  • What are the four basic parts of an OS and what do they do?
  • What is a shell? What is a GUI?
  • What types of shells are there?
  • What is our default shell?
  • What is the difference between a shell prompt and the command line?
  • what does the up arrow do?
  • How do you edit a previous command?
  • What is Tab completion?
  • What is meant by "case sensitive" in UNIX?
  • What are options? What must be the FIRST thing you type on the command line?
Activities & Assignments
  • Practice tab completion. try to get to my cgibin directory by
    1. cd /h (hit tab to find home)
    2. you now have cd /home/ (hit tab twice) you should see philw among the choices
    3. Type p and hit tab
    4. You should now have cd /home/philw
    5. If you hit enter, you will be IN my home directory, but ls will give you a "permission denied" error"
    6. (If nothing pops up, hit tab twice, this will give you the list of things that start with that letter (say p for example) and you may have to type one or two more letters before tab will complete it for you)
    7. type ls -l and then using tab completion, put in the following path:
      /usr/src/kernels/[ tab twice and choose one of the kernels installed]/scripts/selinux/ and then hit enter to see what is in that directory
  • List of Linux Commands from linux in a nutshell online.
  • Another good list of Linux Command line
    Note: Categories are listed in menu on left under "Commands by Argument
  • A good discussion of why you would use a Command Line instead of a GUI