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I.R.C. and WebChat

This page is HORRIBLY out of date

I.R.C. (Internet Relay Chat)

  • Useful Info for MCC
    • Our server is irc.maricopa.edu (needs password however)
      • You can also try irc.primenet.com and irc.eskimo.com, just remember to leave the password blank
    • Don't try out &newbie or #newbie for your first group
      (We'll create a class group)
    • Use the Netchat Help for lots of info
    • Set up your profile Each time
      • Nick Name (no spaces)
      • Real Name
      • Email
      • (recommend you skip this)
      • Homepage URL
      • Description
      • Age
    • Some basic commands (Omit the "()" when you type them)
      • Note this is for typing in commands, several are automated by using the mouse
      • /join (Channel) -- To Join a Channel
      • /part (Channel) -- To Leave
      • /msg (name) (private message)--To send to "name" only
        • Or just click on a group members name in the left hand box.
        • As long as hilighted, each pose you do goes only to that person
        • Click on name again to stop whispering
      • /action (To pose an action)
      • /nick (newnickname). (shows up only for others, not you.
      • /list (but be careful to limit search)
      • /who Lists everyone on channel
      • The "People" Box for profile type info
      • Under "Edit" you can find "Logging" and "Saving Transcript"
      • Channel Modes: (Many of these are advanced and not needed, though you can play with /topic easily enough.
        1. You must put /mode in front of the + commands, many are permission limited.

        2. +b = ban
        3. +i = invite-only
        4. +l = limit number of users
        5. +v gives a user a voice on a moderated channel
        6. +m = moderated, only OPs can talk
        7. +n = no out-of-channel incoming /msgs to channel
        8. +o = makes an OP
        9. +p = private
        10. +s = secret
        11. /topic room Text = topic
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