The Universe

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It's a big place. The basic laws of physics work here, and we will assume that this odd form of energy called magic also works here.

Long distance and dimensional portals/travel are possible. Time travel may be possible, but be careful running these logs, as it can affect a lot more than just the characters RPing.

The corner of the universe that the world “Nexus can be found is in sad shape. The really big war has left local space in rough shape. Lots of weird magic fields, torn space and power vacuums in some of the planetary governments. Not to mention, some idiot, trying to fix things, misplaced a solar system there.


(More to be added if/when folks create them. ;)


Copernicus's homeworld, which is going to be displaced (see idiot above ;). As the Chirr'T'Thar are a space trading race, they will be making contact with potential worlds to establish trade routes in their new corner of the universe. They will therefore end up, at least on a small scale, trying to deal with Haven on Nexus.

The World of Nexus