Two Foxes Out on the Town

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A fairly quiet day at the Chirr'T'Thar "embassy", which actually spends more of it's time being Chastity's house and herbal shop. Simtra has been trying to figure out ways to get rid of the ferret thief who has adopted him, and has finally given up and gone out for a walk, carrying his pack.

Simtra turns to face the ferret on his shoulder, "Are you ever going to get off there? I don't think you have left that spot since I have found you."

Stuffit chitters and shrugs, **Need Boss. Dark Lady terminate contract. You boss now.**

Stuffit sees some guards and with a *poit* is back in the back pack.

Simtra shakes his head and continues to walk into town, "I'm your boss? I have never had anyone as an employee before. This should be interesting. Say do ya want anything. . ." *eerps* and keeps walking.

Ashyle turns the corner and walks to the docks. Spotting Simtra from a long ways off, waves to him.

Simtra waves to Ashyle and shouts, "Hello there!"

Ashyle walks towards Simtra. "What's in the bag, hmmm?"

Simtra looks to see if the guard is still near by, "Uh, nothing. Just a few gems or so. But how are ya? I have not seen ya in a while."

Ashyle peers at the bag curiously. "Looked like something moving around in it to me.. rats maybe?"

Stuffit mentally mutters, *I am NOT a rat!*

Ashyle says, "They'll eat all your food, they will!"

Simtra says, "Well I don't think I have a rat in there but come on. Let look around in town." as he heads away from the guards."

When the pair get far enough away from the guards so that they are out of sight he whispers to his pack, "Ok it is safe to come out again"

Ashyle says, "Okay."

Ashyle pads after Simtra, looking around this way and that.

The docks aren't quite as busy today, most of the ships have left after the solstice festival, so it's pretty quiet. Luckily, that means few guards. Off on the other side of town, the scholar mage complex is alive with activity.

Ashyle says, "Why don't we check out the Scholar Mage Complex?"

Simtra guesses that Stuffit does not think it is save and he turns to Ashyle, "Sure. It sounds like fun. I did not know that we had one in this town."

Ashyle says, "I heard some people talk about it. And I have some spare time. Aren't you curious?"

Simtra nods, and opens the door to the complex and walks in.

There seems to be the sound of excited voices over towards one of the larger buildings, possibly one of the research buildings?

Ashyle clandestinely makes a sweep of the radio emanations in the area... keeping an eye out for interesting bits of technology.

Simtra turns his ears in the direction of the sound and walks quickly to the building, "Come on Ashyle. Let go see what is going on."

Ashyle peers at the instrument displays inside his eyes.. and hurries after Simtra excitedly.

A group of the robed scholar mages (with apprentices) is gathered out in the courtyard in front of the building, on top of a rather non descript cube sits an old device, somehow wired into the cube.

Simtra hears his name being called out in the distance.

Simtra flicks his ears behind and then turns to see who called him.

WolfSinger waves off in the distance. "wait up! where are you going?

Ashyle jogs up towards the scholar mages, eager to get a closer look as to what they are doing.

Simtra waves to the wolf, "Hi there WolfSinger. I think someone is going be using some magic soon. Hurry and see."

WolfSinger barks, "errrr, ummmmmm.. magic?"

Some of the scholar mages are making incantations, while others are focused on the metal device, which has two slots on top. "Well, I don't know if this Chirpy'taur device is going to work. We don't even know what that holy relic is supposed to do?!?" another speaks up, "Do you smell smoke?"

Simtra ssshhhs and watches to see what might happen.

Ashyle peers back at Simtra and WolfSinger.

Ashyle hmms at Wolfsinger. "Hey.. didn't we meet a few days ago?"

WolfSinger barks, "ummm.... we may have."

WolfSinger barks, "what kind of magic are thy doing?"

A springing sound comes from the device, startling some of the mages, causing one to toss a fireball, singing one robe of the masters. The apprentice looks rather sheepish for an otter.

Ashyle snickers to himself... foolish primitives.

Simtra eeeps and backs up a bit, "Wow! Magic."

More grumbling, "So what good is this thing? We trade information with those...six limbed cat birds for this..."fusion power source", and how does it help?"

Ashyle tries to keep from laughing...

WolfSinger's tail slowly swishes.

One of the other mages argues, "It can be used to power many of the ancient devices of our ancestors, for that alone it is useful. We may never be able to figure out what this device was used for, but we will figure out other ones. Come apprentices, it's time to get back to the magical part of your training." and most of the crowd disperses, except for one chipmunk who is putting the equipment away.

Simtra looks at Ashyle, "What is it? I don't see anything fun about this magic we are learning about."

Ashyle says, "Looks more like they destroyed it than learned from it."

Simtra blinks, "Why do you say that? It looks ok to me."

Timothy Zabender, the apprentice scholar mage in questions, is muttering things about "Fools" as he puts the ancient device to the side and pats the miniature fusion power generator, shaking his head as he works.

Ashyle says, "I'm no mage, but smoke doesn't look like a good sign to me. And the mages didn't seem very happy either."

WolfSinger barks, "I never could figure out magic myself...."

Ashyle crouches down by Timothy. "Hi there."

The young robed chipmunk doesn't start, apparently having been aware of Ashyle, "Greetings. Come to see some old fools today?"

Ashyle says, "Oh yes. Like I say, there's no fool like an old fool. :)"

Simtra hmmms, and sits back on his haunches to listen to the two talk.

WolfSinger tilts his head a little.

Timothy pats the fusion generator, "I think we got an incredible deal with the Chirr'T'Thar for this myself. They wanted some information about some of the odd sites we have found on Nexus over the centuries. But the fools here can't see past the fact that the Chirr'T'Thar walk on four legs.

Ashyle peers at the fusion generator box. "What is it? What's it for?"

WolfSinger barks, "nothing wrong with walking on four legs.... I used to do it myself."

Timothy purrs, "I'm Timothy Zabender, and you are?" as he notes Ashyle's interest in the device.

Ashyle says, "I'm Ashyle. Nice to meet you. :)"

Timothy nods and pulls his hood back, exposing his short ears and asks, "And your two friends?"

Simtra looks at WolfSinger, "You did?"

Ashyle says, "These are Simtra and Wolfsinger. Haven't known them for very long actually. But they're good people."

WolfSinger nods to Simtra. "Long story.... involving magic."

Simtra hears his name said and bows his head down slightly in greeting.

Ashyle whispers, "But Simtra has rats in his pack! *grin*"

Timothy nods, "Well, this device is called "portable field fusion power source". Supposedly something like a miniature sun is inside, and the power it generates can be used to give life to our old relics here. Hard to convince the older mages it's worthwhile though."

Stuffit chitters and rustles around in Simtra's pack, having heard the words "portable fusion generator."

Simtra says, "You will have to tell me about it sometime WolfSinger, but I want to hear about this magic.""

WolfSinger nods, listening too.

Ashyle says, "A sun? You've got to be kidding..."

Ashyle gets QUITE interested, controlling his Radscanner with his cyberware implant, trying to verify that is what it really is.

Timothy shrugs, "A very small sun apparently. I'd laugh too, but I've seen a lot of strange things in the last year."

Ashyle says, "What have you seen?"

The young chipmunk's eyes look haunted for a second, "Other worlds. Other races. Evil congealed into a living thing. That's about it."

Ashyle says, "That's pretty incredible."

Simtra nodnods in agreement too surprised to say anything.

WolfSinger smiles a little.

Timothy picks up the little portable fusion generator and says, "I'll be back in a minute. I need to secure this in our lab sanctum."

WolfSinger barks, "hey... Simtra and I have been on your moon... "

The young apprentice pads back after securing the device and blinks, "Truly? I was told there was not enough air to breathe on our moon?"

Ashyle says, "I wonder what they traded to those four-legged creatures for it?"

WolfSinger barks, "well, we have a station up there.... complete with air. "

Stuffit pokes his nose out of the top of the bag, and blinks and grins when he sees Timothy.

Simtra sits back not sure what to say to the questions.

Timothy hmmfs, "That's just it, mostly some very ancient information, and a few odds and ends of devices. I don't know about you, but I'm hungry, want to join me in the cafeteria?"

WolfSinger's tail swishes at the mention of food. :>

Ashyle says, "Sure. :)"

Simtra feels the ferret climbing out of his pack, "Oh, so you want to come out now."

Simtra stands up to follow the chipmunk.

Ashyle says, "I'd love to learn more about the box.. and the four-legged things that traded it to you. What did you call them again?"

WolfSinger barks, "he probably saw something he wants to steal."

Simtra rolls his eyes, "Great."

Timothy leads the group off towards another building, "They call themselves the Chirr'T'Thar, and what are you talking about, stealing...Oh, him." as the chipmunk spies Stuffit, who just waves.

Ashyle peers back at Stuffit... "There there! You've got a rat in your pack! There!"

Simtra says, "I am sure he will not be stealing anything. RIGHT Stuffit!?"

Stuffit, miffed at Ashyle, *poits* and suddenly appears on his shoulder, while Timothy sighs, "Don't call him a rat, he's a bit vain, and can make you miserable if he really wants to do so."

Ashyle says, "Oh.. uhmm.. hi there."

WolfSinger barks, "actually, he's a ferret..."

Stuffit chitters angrily at Ashyle, then with a *poit* they both disappear, only to reappear with Ashyle balancing at the edge of a large fountain.

Ashyle piku piku...

Simtra chuckles, "You should not have done that Stuffit."

WolfSinger barks, "oh, great... he can teleport others, too?"

Stuffit *poits* back to Simtra's shoulder and curls up like a stole.

Simtra scriches the ferret under the chin, "Now try to be good. At least for a little while"

Timothy nods, "Over short distances. It can be handy, but he's rather scatter brain....(he looks at Stuffit), er, he doesn't like to concentrate on too many things at once. C'mon, let's get something to eat." and he pads up to the door of the cafeteria and gestures, the door sliding back.

Ashyle follows the rest into the cafeteria, giving Stuffit a cross look.

Stuffit sniffs the food, and is about to port to the food when Timothy grabs him by the scruff and pushes him into Simtra's sack, "We'll bring it to you, no need to steal it." The chipmunk pulls out some ornate trays and a fine china plate and starts helping himself to the food, which is steaming without any obvious source of heat? At the end are some pitchers of ice cold water and juice. Timothy gets himself a small repast and then sits at one of the benches.

Stuffit hops out and eats from the small bowl that Timothy places out in front of him, "Help yourself, I can afford to buy you lunch today."

Ashyle says, "Thank you. :)"

Ashyle helps himself to the food. He peers at the plates curious as to how they stay hot.

Simtra puts his pack down next to his chair and starts to eat himself.

Ashyle says, "What information did the Chirr'T'Thar want in exchange? If they have things like this box, what more do they need?"

Timothy digs into his food and shrugs, "It seems they had some very ancient enemies, or it was their gods, the beings that made them, that they rebelled against. It seems some of those beings' devices are hidden in parts of this planet, and they are worried that it will be used against them somehow."

Ashyle says, "Something to be afraid of, maybe.. I wonder where mere mortals like us will fall if there were to be a war between the Chirr'T'Thar and these ancient enemies."

WolfSinger barks, "that's never good...."

Timothy shrugs, "They say their creators are dead, they just want to make sure the weapons die with them. They've already defended us against invaders."

Ashyle says, "invaders? The wolves, you mean?"

Timothy nods as he swallows a mouthful of salad, still keeping an eye on Stuffit.

WolfSinger's ears droop a bit.

Simtra drinks some of the ice cold water and get a minor brain freeze from the surprising cold water.

Ashyle pats WolfSinger's shoulder. "No offense intended."

WolfSinger nods.

Simtra puts his paw near Stuffit in case he does something, "I will watch him Timothy."

Timothy slowly cleans his plate, "So, what brings you all to Nexus? Simtra's people I recognize, Ashyle I'm not sure of, and Wolfsinger I know is a friend of the spacers. Course, I guess I sort of am too."

Ashyle says, "I'm a wanderer. Trying to learn new things."

Timothy nods silently, "I've met a couple of wanderers in my time. Well, I hope you enjoy your stay here. I've got to keep working on those old fools. ;)"

WolfSinger barks, "I'm kind of a wanderer myself..."

Simtra finishes his plate and waits for the others.

Simtra says, "Good luck with them. It will be good if we know how the magic works for ourselfs."

Ashyle finishes his plate, not terribly interested in the food.. too much fascinated in the new things.

Timothy chuckles, "Well, as scholar mages we learn both science and magic, but...we're not all that great with the magic. The spacers may help us with the science part, maybe."

WolfSinger picks something out to munch on.

Ashyle says, "What's a spacer?"

Timothy blinks? "Oh, the Chirr'T'Thar. They come from space. Our ancestors also came from other planets. Those were the spacers we expected to see. I'm kind of glad, the Chirr'T'Thar tend to stir things up. ;)"

Ashyle says, "I'm sorry about all the questions. :)"

Timothy chuckles, "It's good preparation for my oral exams. :)"

Ashyle says, "I'm sure you must be busy with all your work.. but I'd like to come back another time and learn."

Simtra stands up and pokes Stuffit to have hin climb back up on his shoulder.

Timothy nods, "Feel free. Just don't go into any of the buildings without permission. We have too many kumquat slugs crawling around as it is on the grounds. ;)" He says this with a grin, figuring they won't understand what it means.

WolfSinger barks, "you really think it safe to walk around with him on your shoulder, considering every guard in town is probably looking for him? ;>"

Stuffit *poits* and curls up in the hood of Simtra's cape, blending in with the thin fur lining. He sticks his tiny tongue out at Wolfsinger. :)

Simtra smiles, "No, I don't think that will be a problem"

WolfSinger chuckles. "okay... you keep the ferret... I'll still keep looking for a mate..."

Timothy takes the dishes over to a tub of hot water, places them in and makes a series of gestures and chants, and the dishes start washing themselves, "Good travels to you all."

The group leaves the scholar mage complex, with Ashyle bearly able to hide his interest in coming back, and poor Simtra and Wolfsinger trying to explain to Stuffit WHY he shouldn't steal a mate for the shy wolf. What a day. ;)