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Flirting, with Disaster

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Flirting, with Disaster logs

3 New logs posted as of: Monday, April 12, 1999
13 New logs posted as of: Sunday, April 11, 1999

67 More need to be posted.
Still hoping to catch up soon.
Total Logs posted: 168

New OOC comment 2/25/98
New Test logs 2/21/98
4 New pictures in Charart 3/1/98


Experimental and Test Logs

4 new logs posted 2/21/98
5 more logs to post
Presently Wanderer is setting up an RP on Ert and is doing test runs.

"For here we dream, and in dreaming, we are. Fantasies that cross planes of reality so deep that even that which is real pales beside them. Buildings... in our own lives that we could never see an end to.. fantasies. And in dreaming, are we not but the fantasies we spin?" Anonymous


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