Acceptable Use Policy For Silly Felitaur Muck and FwD

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(Thanks to S'A'Alis of FurryMuck for letting us borrow most of the wording)

Silly Felitaur Muck, and the role playing realm "Flirting, with Disaster" running on it, is provided as a place where mature individuals can gather for the purposes of Role Playing, Story Telling and of course social chatting and OOC stuff. Characters are registered to a single player, so you are responsible for the actions of your "character'. By logging into your character, you agree to the following Acceptable Use Policy:

Access to the muck and its computing services is not guaranteed. If you become a major pest or commit something that can be construed as an illegal act, you can be removed from the database. However, so long as you respect the rights of others, this should never happen.

Silly Felitaur Muck can only be used for legal and lawful purposes. Transmission or solicitation for material which violates US Federal or Arizona State Law, or state and local laws in your area where you live is prohibited. Examples include material that is threatening, libelous or violates trade-secret, patent or copyright protections.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Silly Felitaur Muck, its administrators and the owner/operator of the computing services, plus any other persons affiliated with it's administration from all claims which are a result of your usage, without limitation. You agree that any communication or usage that originates from your character(s) or your connection to the muck is your legal responsibility.

Notwithstanding the above, you agree that should we be found liable in a court of law for any action or lack of action related to your use of Silly Felitaur Muck our liability is limited to $0.00.

You agree to treat other characters and players with respect and consideration. You will not harass or otherwise deliberately annoy/bother any other character on the muck. You will not do anything in the course of Role Play that permanently affects or changes another persons character, be it a PC (playing character) or NPC (non playing character) without their express permission beforehand.

The characters and worlds that you "create", while shared with others in the course of Role Play, remain your intellectual property. However, you agree to allow the posting of your logs for the enjoyment of others on some form of a web page medium. This does not in any way lessen your copyright of your creations further use, and if you wish to "remove" your intellectual property from the role playing realm, the administrators will work with you to role play their removal/leaving etc to your satisfaction. You will also respect the copyrights of the other characters and their creations, and realize that a temporary loan of a NPC does not transfer the copyright of that race to you.

Age policy: Only legal adults shall be allowed to RP on the muck. By requesting and accepting a character on Silly Felitaur Muck, you are stating that your age is 18 or older. Silly Felitaur Muck is not liable for any misinformation on part of the person requesting a character on the muck.

Role playing sessions will normally be within the PG-13 range. If a role play is to exceed this, it should not be held in public, but rather a private room on the muck. For this reason, cambot 5 is NOT to be monitored in the "scrying pool" without permission of the players using it first. In this manner, folks wishing to do RPs of a more adult nature, can do so without an invasion of their privacy. However, logs of this nature should be down loaded promptly and cleared off the cambots. Posting of logs that go much beyond PG-13 will be placed on a separate password protected web page. The use of discretion and common sense is highly encouraged, along with adult maturity.

Only the Game Master who ran the log is allowed to clear the log off the cambots. If the log is not yours, do not clear it. Please be careful when clearing cambots, so as not to accidentally destroy someone's log.

The basic theme of this muck is Respect, Flexibility and Fun.

Violation of any of the terms and conditions of the Acceptable Use Policy may result in any or all of the following

-Suspension of access to the MUCK and it's computing resources for a time to be determined by the administration

-Removal of your character from the MUCK and total termination of your access to the facilities. (Note: You will be allowed to archive any material that you made on the muck, and your intellectual property will be erased to preserve your copyright, unless it was part of the muck created as a common use area.)

-Notification of your system/site administrators.

-Notification of civil and or law enforcement authorities.

Normally, unless the behavior is truly criminal, the administrators will just talk to you about your behavior and advise you of the consequences. We are all adults here, and it is hoped that the above will prove to be entirely unnecessary. In other words, "Be excellent to one another".