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Marshalling: Sir Leo Alejandro
mka Leo Barba
1111 E. Brown #123
Mesa, AZ 85203
(602) 649-4349

Some photos of the Battle Site NOTE: This is the fighting area ONLY, the camping areas are much different.

A more detailed schedule is located on the Events page.

War Points: War points will be split among Hardsuit, Rapier, and Archery. 3 war points shall be allotted to the hard-suit scenarios, and one each to rapier and archery.

Hardsuit Scenarios:
Battles will began at 10am sharp on Saturday Morning with official scenarios ending by 2:00pm. Pass (redoubt), Broken Field, Castle, and Resurrection battles are planned for inside the Battle Pit on Saturday. On Sunday the fighting will began at 11:00am with open field battles, a town scenario, and a 'raid'. The Raid will consist of all three major elements: Open, field, Bridge, and Castle, in a single scenario. For more information contact: Sir Leo Alejandro the Observer (602) 649-4349

Rapier Scenarios:

Rapier War Point Information

The rapier war point shall consist of 5 scenarios:

  • a roving rapier battle
  • a living chess match
  • an escort the baroness scenario
  • a broken fieldbattle
  • a ship to ship battle.
The schedule for the scenarios will be as follows:

Roving rapier battle 2:00
PM Fri - 12:00 PM Sun
Sign-up at Marshallate Point
Chess Match
5:00 PM Friday
Broken Field battle
10:00 AM Saturday
Open field
Escort the Baroness
After the broken field
(at Their Excellencies Rowan and Linotte's convenience)
The labyrinth
Ship to Ship battle
10:00 AM Sunday
Open field

Below is a brief description of each scenario:

Roving Rapier battle

It may have been the untimely demise of the baronial sheep or that bad batch of ale presented to His Excellency, no one seems quite exactly sure why the two barons are at odds. However, as a loyal baron's man (or woman), you feel the need to protect your baron's honor.

Anywhere and anytime throughout the site and throughout the event (safety and common sense permitting) should roaming groups of rapier fighters (minimum of 3 fighters and a maximum of 6) from opposite sides cross each others paths, they may offer the appropriate challenge/insult, then fight it out between their groups. ("Shtick" is to be highly prized in these encounters.)

At the beginning of the War each rapier fighter will be given 2 counters. After each encounter the losing side must surrender one counter to the winning side. Even if a fighter has no counters left, they may still fight so long as the group they are in has counters remaining. Each team must surrender one of its members to marshal each encounter. Fighting teams do not need to have a matching number of fighters to quarrel.

At the end of the weekend, the baron with the more successful duelers (determined by the number of counters) shall claim the victory in this scenario.

Chess Match

Their Excellencies Otto and Padraig will match their wits at a game of chess. Rapier fighters will represent each of the pieces. A random draw will be used for each sides' fighters to determine which rapier fighter will represent each chess piece. The pieces will be armed as follows: pawn--single sword; rook--sword and buckler; knight--sword and dagger; bishop--sword and cloak; queen--choice; king--choice (including a picked champion).

Civilian onlookers with forsoothe words and verbal jousting between the "pieces" is highly encouraged. Roving bards may also entertain Their Excellencies as they play the match.

Broken Field

God's blood! Someone was not watching His Excellency's closet when they should have been and an unworthy band of brigands has escaped with a chest of gold! The fleeing brigands must be stopped before they can get the chest safely onboard a ship waiting in the harbor.

The scenario shall consist of a large field with a river running across the width. A bridge shall cross the river. The river can either be forded on one's knees or the bridge may be crossed. The chest must be carried across the bridge because it is too heavy for fighters to both carry and "swim" at the same time.

The two teams will start at opposite sides of the field. Team One's objective is to escort the chest of gold across the length of the field to the far "edge of the world" where Team Two starts. Team Two's objective is to capture the chest of gold and escape off the "edge of the world" on the side where Team One starts. The scenario ends when the gold is successfully off the edge of the field. Death from behind is permitted.

This scenario will be fought best 2 out of 3. A coin toss shall be used to determine who has stolen the chest for the first scenario.

Escort the Baroness

Somehow Her Excellency managed to once again slip the watchful eyes of her guards. Modesty forbids us to admit the colourful locale in which she was found. However, it is now her guard's duty to escort her to safety through the maze of catacombs running beneath the town, preventing her capture from unfriendly forces loyal to her husband's rival.

This scenario shall be conducted in a labyrinth similar to the one to be used at Estrella. Each side starts at opposite ends of the labyrinth with a resurrection point at each entrance. The fighting continues until one of the two sides succeeds in escorting their Baroness through a checkpoint on the opposite side of the field and in also capturing and escorting their opponents' Baroness through a checkpoint on their side of the field. The scenario ends when both Baronesses are safely off the field.

This scenario will be fought one time or best 2 out of 3--whichever the Baronesses prefer.

Note: if a Baroness is "killed", the side responsible for the killing shot automatically loses. The objective is to protect one's own Baroness and to take a highborn hostage.

If time and Their Excellencies inclination permits, after the battle, fighters may also attempt to woo the other baroness to their side with pretty words, song, and treats (i.e. bribes).

Ship to Ship Fight

The successful band of fighters from the previous day's broken field battle are now sailing to their home port with their stolen . . . er, hard-won . .. gold. The other baron's men have managed to catch up with the escaping ship and attach grappling lines.

Team One's objective is to protect their chest of gold and break free from Team Two's ship. Team Two's objective is to capture the gold and escape. Death from behind and rubberband pistols are permitted in this scenario.

Time permitting, this scenario will be fought best 2 out of 3.

We hope you find these scenarios offer a pleasing combination of traditional battles, small group combat, and opportunity for "shtick". Have fun and be safe.

HL Selene O'Malley, Kingdom Rapier Marshal

For more information contact Dona Selene O'Malley (Stephanie Maynard) (602) 931-8737 email: